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Project Experience to Ensure Your Bank's Success

Following are examples of successful projects we have completed for various financial institutions.

Strategic Planning Projects

Company Size

Project Description

$7.0 Billion GNA served as interim financial manager to identify, guide, and support strategic initiatives designed to improve efficiency and profitability. The company improved run rate income by 20% or $16 million in 6 months.
$4.5 Billion Developed a strategic planning process that leveraged action plans to achieve balance between vision and annual priorities that served as a basis for a communication tool targeted at shareholders, market analysts, and employees; implemented a resource allocation and capital investment process that resulted in cost avoidance, expense savings, and allocation of resources toward growth markets.
$4.5 Billion Focused executive management toward primary strategic initiatives through the facilitation of 14 executive level and 3 employee level task forces in a 2 month period. Each initiative was prioritized and defined by an action plan with resource requirements and timelines.

Financial Management and Process Improvement Projects

Company Size

Project Description

$7.0 Billion Interim manager of finance function to rebuild finance team and target reporting and analysis to support profit improvement initiative along with supporting 5 regional presidents and over 20 bank presidents.
$2.0 Billion Provided financial division assessment identifying immediate, short term, and long term recommendations for the divisionís organizational structure, processes, and systems.
$3.5 Billion Designed concise package of 2008-9
executive and management level reports, guided technical support, and identified implementation steps. Provided assessment and process improvement guide for management reporting, planning and forecasting.
$3.5 Billion Evaluated 45 IT initiatives in a 2 week period, leading IT, retail, and marketing teams to consensus on significant value added projects. Eliminated 22 unnecessary projects, saving $500,000 annually.

Project Management

Company Size Project Description
$250 Million GNA served as project manager to transfer all banking operations from the holding company headquarters to the newly formed independent bank in another city. The project included facilities, hiring, systems, and operational procedures over a 120 day period, 2 months ahead of schedule.
$115 Million GNA conducted a project start-up assessment in a 3 day engagement to scope a systems conversion, legal consolidation, and operations centralization. GNA provided CEO counsel, team building, project management tools, and a first draft 250 task action plan with key milestones.
$2.5 Billion GNA is project manager guiding improvements to the financial divisionís organization structure, people, process, and systems.
$80 Billion Completed a corporate level project to align, consolidate, and convert management reporting systems for two merging companies. The six month project involved 800 high level tasks and 15 senior level managers.

Projects Completed with a Strategic Partner, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.*

Company Size Project Description
$25 Billion Designed and facilitated strategic planning effort that identified long term direction for all business lines and operational units with documented and measurable goals and initiatives.
$2.5 Billion Performed an assessment of the Accounting/Finance Division providing actionable recommendations in processes, systems, and organization structure. GNA is currently serving as project manager for the implementation.
$600 Million Completed Cornerstone Advisorsí benchmark survey providing comparison to detailed best practice benchmarks for all functions of the company and highlighting recommended actions for process improvement.
$500 Million Completed Cornerstone Advisorsí benchmark survey providing comparison to detailed best practice benchmarks for all functions of the company and highlighting recommended actions for process improvement.
*Cornerstone Advisors provides best practices, strategy, technology and process improvement consulting services to financial institutions nationwide.

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