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We Can Help Your Community Bank Plan For Success
With constantly changing regulations and increasing demand for financial information and analysis, keeping your community bank on solid financial ground is becoming even more complex and challenging.

With us, your bank can access experts to help ease you through critical evaluation processes and help you make tough decisions about your long-term strategy. Our associates can provide your bank with:

  • Strategic planning

  • New initiative planning and advice

  • Profitability and efficiency analysis

  • Valuation estimates

  • Breakeven and return on investment analysis for new initiatives

  • Forecasting and budgeting support

  • Project management services

  • Month end reporting and report automation

  • Staff training

  • Implementation support.

Get Tools To Help You Sustain Best Practices For The Long-Term

We recognize that you have to be exceptionally careful in applying limited resources and be diligent about estimating and monitoring returns on new investments. Our community bank clients have asked us to leave them with easy-to-use tools that enable them to meet their goals without being “consultant dependent”. You can get:

  • Board, executive management, and branch report templates

  • User friendly five-year pro-forma forecast models

  • Project or capital investment ROI models

  • Strategic branch or business line expansion models

  • Project plans

  • Easy-to-implement project management tools

  • Forecast and budget tools.

Our Associates Are Able To Leverage Their Experience And Quickly Adapt It To Your Needs.

Following are some of our recent engagements which demonstrate the scope of services and improvements available to your community bank:

  • For a $150 million bank, we led a two-day project session to help organize the centralization of four community banks. This required planning for consolidation, system conversion, and standardization. Within one week after the meeting, GNA Inc. provided the bank with resource assignments, deadlines, and more than 250 initial milestones and tasks to complete the project.

  • For a De Novo bank, we worked with their management team to build a six-month earnings forecast and developed easy-to-use templates for regular forecast updates.

  • For a $2.5 billion bank, we analyzed and built five and ten-year projections on branch expansion projects with return on investment and break-even metrics.

  • For the executive management and board of directors of a $20 million a year service business, we prepared five and ten-year projections and a company valuation.

  • For a De Novo bank, we improved their communication of critical financial metrics to their board of directors and investors by developing streamlined reporting formats.

  • For a $250 million bank, we managed the transfer of operations from their holding company to a newly formed independent bank in a new city.

Not All Consulting Firms Provide Customization And Choice
Using us for your planning and projects enables you to receive expert, customized solutions cost-effectively as we have the ability to assign resources appropriate to the level you require.

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