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Get Expert Help For Your Bank's Acquisitions & Integrations
Our experience directing the process of large scale financial institution acquisition initiatives can provide you with a level of assurance at a critical time for services including:

Identification of Mergers And Acquisition Prospects

You know your bank needs to grow through acquisition but how can you be sure you are doing it right? Get help defining the organizations that are a fit and identifying prospects that meet these qualifications.


Qualification of Mergers And Acquisition Prospects

Let us help you find answers to questions such as:

  • Is the target company open to being acquired?

  • Is their market potential, culture, management, and operations a strategic fit?

  • Does the CEO have an employment contract that we need to consider? Is he or she a potential asset to our organization?

  • Is their financial posture attractive?

  • How much is involved in merging systems, people, etc.?

Valuation of Mergers And Acquisition Prospects

Get help determining the value of targeted organizations from experienced financial managers.

Due Diligence For Smooth Mergers And Acquisition

Outside assistance provides a level of assurance that everything is reviewed from a financial and compliance standpoint to ensure a smoother transition. We also identify key integration tasks and management issues for optimal planning.

Mergers and Acquisition Negotiation Strategy Assistance

Be certain that you walk away with the best possible outcome for your organization. Get advice on general topics and detailed line-items during this crucial phase

Integration Assistance

Congratulations, you own a new company. Now itís time to do the real work of integrating this new acquisition into your organization so that you can start leveraging the benefits. Leave it up to us to think of everything you may encounter and prepare a plan to address each item.

Separation Assistance

Our services are also helpful when you divest a portion of your business. We helped a bank separate from its holding company in another city. We assisted the bank managers in developing timelines, teams, and task-lists to completely separate a multitude of complex systems. With good project management and support from the bank, we were able to help them complete the effort 60 days sooner than anticipated.

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GNA has analyzed more than 100 bid books, led 25 due diligence programs, closed 7 bank holding company acquisitions, and integrated 22 community banks.


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