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Experience Immediate and Measurable Differences in Your Bankís Performance With This Quick, Easy-To-Initiate, Actionable Review

  • Receive management information sooner to accelerate decisions.

  • Link executive-level performance measures and budget targets to business unit, branch, and officer goals.

  • Blend top-down and bottom-up planning to maximize the benefits of both approaches while minimizing your staffís time and effort.

  • Customize forecasting for efficient, accurate, and effective decision making.

  • Establish analytical standards and processes for evaluating large business and capital investment initiatives.

  • Close month-end faster and automate reporting to minimize risk. Streamline general ledger accounting, accounts payable, fixed asset management, budgeting, and reporting.

Who Will Benefit from the Comprehensive Financial Checkup?
Banks with assets from $1 billion to $35 billion can benefit from the information gleaned in this comprehensive review. This formal, objective program will:

  • Uncover critical issues surrounding potential profit and loss

  • Provide actionable, easy-to-implement fixes

  • Provide an immediate return on investment

  • Improve financial discipline with support from business unit management

What Areas Will Be Reviewed in the Comprehensive Financial Checkup?
We will review your financial processes and departments as both independent and interrelated systems in order to obviate problems and provide actionable, realistic recommendations. Reviews can be tailored to your financial institutionís specific needs.


Areas Reviewed

Areas Reviewed

CFO & Management   


Financial Management Vision
SWOT Analysis
Organizational Design

Career Planning           


Staff SWOT Analysis

360-degree Review

Performance Management


Daily and Monthly Accounting
Month-end Closing Cycle
Accounts Payable
Fixed Assets
Investment Accounting

Analysis and Reporting


A/L Modeling

Regulatory and Management Reporting
Profitability Analysis
Planning and Forecasting
Funds Transfer Pricing
Capital Budgeting
Financial Analysis Capabilities

Financial Systems        

General Ledger Management Reporting
Financial Data Warehouse
A/L Management
Funds Transfer Pricing
Organizational Profitability
Product Profitability
Customer Profitability
Cost Allocation
Spreadsheet Management

What Can You Expect During the Comprehensive Financial Checkup?

  • A complete review of all financial division functions, resulting in recommendations for improving processes, technology utilization, and organizational structure

  • Improved workflow to maximize staff levels as your bank grows

  • Tightened processes and an optimization of your technology to mitigate potential risk and assure accuracy

  • Stronger planning, reporting, and analysis functions to improve decision making, performance measurement, and goal setting

What Deliverables Will You Receive with a Comprehensive Financial Checkup?



Areas Reviewed

Service Provided



Assessment and Recommendations by category


Project Plan to prioritize implementation of improvements and resource assignments


Project Management to implement efficiencies and improve execution


Our Clients Get Real Results.


Areas Reviewed

Results From The Comprehensive Financial Checkup

A $7 Billion Bank

Improved its run rate income by 20% or $16 million in six months through strong hands-on financial guidance and targeted measurement.

A $30 Billion Bank

Accelerated the availability of management information by 80% with a redesigned reporting process.

A $3.5 Billion Bank

Implemented 2008-9
executive and management performance reports that we designed and supported. A two-day review resulted in 25 recommendations on data management, management reporting, and planning processes.

A $7 Billion Institution with 22 Banks

Used information from our review to effectively set business goals for banks and branches in under 90 days.

A $2.0 Billion Bank

Accelerated month-end close by 30% after a two-day review.


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